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Past Meetings

Monthly Meeting by Professor Alexis Komor on numerous funding opportunities for students form various backgrounds and disciplines.

Don't know the differences between the main sectors of the workforce? Check out this Monthly Meeting to help get you thinking about which path would fit you best!

If you are looking to take control of your journey through grad school? Check out this Monthly Meeting for habits to focus in on and key steps to take during your graduate career.

On Campus

The amazing Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at UC San Diego has all of the info you need!

Our office for equity, diversity, and inclusion is dedicated to creating an environment that makes everyone feel included in campus life and experience equitable opportunity in achieving their aspirations.

This center on campus places the experiences of diverse women at the center through numerous resources, programming and learning opportunities, and a dynamic community space!

The Center on campus is committed to fostering and inclusive and welcoming learning community and dedicated to promoting a sustainable culture of academic excellence among the Division of Physical Science.

Here to coach you on how to find the ideal job, internship, or experiential outcome for you by boosting your skill set and helping you become better prepare!

Other Societies at UC San Diego

Student to Industry Mentorship and Preparation Association (SIMPA)

Supports chemistry grads seeking industry careers by providing a consistent avenue for exposure to the private sector!

Graduate Women in Physics at UC San Diego

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UC San Diego Chemistry Graduate Student Council

An organization seeking to improve the learning experience for the graduate student population by representing students' interests to the administration and faculty to open consistent channels of communication.

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